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Distinct, Detailed Designs

Hand-crafted pieces made with high quality materials that bring inspiration to life.

MarTeR by Marcela Tendilla

Designing and fabricating well-made jewelry that is comfortable to wear has personal significance, because when my work speaks to someone's soul, the reward is the connection we share.

My inspiration comes from slowing down long enough to notice and appreciate the subtleties in the nature, architecture and moments that surround us everyday.

The MarTeR Jewelry Stamp

Lost wax is my preferred production process because melting and shaping wax creates a direct connection with the forms, merging my essence with the wax forever.

Each piece of jewelry is carved by hand into wax models, then cast in silver, bronze or gold. Once in its final form, the piece is finished with special attention to the details that initially inspired me.

My Process

In-house, hand-fabricated pieces with great attention to detail and the highest quality of finishing.

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Email: info@marterjewelry.com